About Us

Our History

Food & Fuel was set up in June 2006 when we bought 5 sites from Punch. We grew again when we acquired the Front Page Pubs a year later. Our last acquisition was in January 2014 when we took on The Grosvenor, Hanwell. We now have 8 gastro pubs, a sports pub and three cafe bars, all in London – everyone asks us which is our favourite and the answer is obvious, it’s like having kids – we love them all but sometimes one needs you more than the others!

We are dedicated to the provision of true hospitality – fresh, seasonal and delicious food and excellent wines, beers and ales, informed and efficient service and a really genuine welcome. Value is never forgotten: our watchwords are price, quality and service.

Do please get in touch if you would like to talk about any aspect of our business. And most of all – we hope you enjoy our places! Let us know what is good, bad or indifferent.

Meet the Team

Fiona (People Support Manager) I’m a country girl at heart, I love boats and a bonfire on the beach with friends and family and my dog Mr Mack Hudson. I throw a great party and I’m a self-confessed feeder! Which is probably why I got hooked on hospitality when I was at Uni! Since then I’ve worked in all kinds places from stately homes to casual dining, working my way through the ranks. For the last 5 years, my focus has been on learning and development: creating & delivering training initiatives as well as performance coaching for managers and chefs. I joined Food and Fuel in March 2017.